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. . . in answer to the question “What does the new company do?”, Waymon replied, “We do service.”

Gibson Corrugated is the latest of three box plants started by Waymon Gibson. He has been in the box business in the South since 1963 and is known throughout the country for his ability to “out-service” the competition.

Aircap Paper Products was his first plant, which he developed from the ground up for a corporate concern. He left Aircap in 1979 to start Gibson Container. Gibson Container grew into what was widely recognized as the largest sheet plant in the United States, encompassing nearly half a million square feet and converting over one billion square feet of corrugated annually. Gibson Container’s growth was attributed to service. Service such as warehousing and inventory control programs, a rarity in the early 80’s. Gibson Container was sold in 1991 to Wabash Fibre Box, and Mr. Gibson went into semi-retirement.

The idea for a new venture was developed in early 1999 by Waymon’s sons, Dale and Terry. Together, the three brought the plan to fruition and Gibson Corrugated was started May 1, 1999. When asked  “What does the new company do?”, Waymon replied “We do service.”, which became the motto for the company, and the direction it would take.

Growth for the new company has exceeded expectations, thanks in no small measure to a loyal account base. Previous customers knew of the abilities and dedication to service that Gibson Container provided and were happy to make the move to Gibson Corrugated.

Gibson Corrugated is now poised for continued growth. Capital expenditures for on-site warehousing, new equipment that facilitates quicker turns and setup times, and a strategic alliance with Weyerhaeuser have set the stage for Gibson Corrugated to be even better than its predecessors.

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